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Memorial Teddy Bear

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Place a small keepsake or urn into our beautiful Memorial Bear and give it a big, comforting hug.


This can also be used to store the EverWith white pouch containing your pets Ashes which is returned to you with your completed jewellery order.


The Memorial Bear is a soft, cuddly bear with a small opening at the back in which you can place a small amount of ashes or other keepsake from your pet.


The velcro-secured opening at the rear of the bear is around 6cm high, and extends into the bear by around 4cm. The bear comes with a small pouch* in which to place items securely inside of the bear.

Alternatively, you can place a small sealed plastic bag containing your pet’s ashes.

The bear comes wearing a white ribbon, while a pink and blue ribbon are also supplied should you wish to change the colour.


Note: Once the bear is in use and storing your keepsake, as it could then contain objects which are potentially harmful, we recommend that the bear is kept out of reach of children to ensure their safety.

*In order to meet CE regulations, the supplied pouch for placing the small keepsake inside the bear will need two or three small hand stiches removing before use.




  • Extremely soft velvety light brown fur
  • Can be used to store the white EverWith pouch containing your pet’s ashes
  • Room to place a small keepsake or object in the back of the bear
  • Beautiful quality


Measurements & Ordering Info:


  • Height: 30cm
  • Capacity: A Small Keepsake or Ashes Bag
  • Suitable For: Pet
  • Comes With: Pouch for Keepsake, White, Blue and Pink Ribbons