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Goat Skin

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Our Goat Skins offer excellent, enduring chew satisfaction tailored for small dogs. These chews serve as an ideal dental support, effectively aiding in tartar removal from your canine companion's teeth. They present a natural and delightful chewing experience, catering to dogs with common allergies or sensitivities across various breeds and age groups. Additionally, these chews contribute to maintaining a healthy gut.


For best results, provide these chews under supervision as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure a bowl of fresh, clean water is accessible during feeding.



  • Chicken free
  • Grain Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for Puppies
  • Dental Hygeine
  • Long lasting
  • High Protein


Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised on a stain-resistant surface as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.


100% Goat Skin


Protein 56.26%, Fat 32.49%, Ash 4.6%