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Scottish Beef Bone Broth for Dogs (500ml)

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ProDog's bone broth is a superfood designed to support your dog's health. Simmered for 45 hours to extract nutrients from beef bones and connective tissue, it's packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen, and other compounds to benefit digestion, mobility, immunity, skin health, and more. Especially beneficial for dogs recovering from surgery, with digestive issues, transitioning to raw food, or experiencing joint problems. Made in Scotland from locally-sourced beef.


Supports gut health with glutamine to maintain intestinal lining

Glycosaminoglycans and collagen help joint mobility and inflammation

Rich in glycine for healthy skin, bones, liver function

45+ hours simmered to extract nutrients from bones/connective tissue

Natural, preservative-free ingredients

Can be mixed with food or fed alone

For puppies 4+ weeks and adult dogs 8+ weeks

Feed 50ml daily for healthy dogs, up to 500ml for dogs recovering from illness/surgery (consult vet)

Store frozen up to 6 months, thaw portion to be fed

Key Benefits:

Easily digested for dogs with digestion issues

Nutrient-dense protein and minerals

Supports recovery from injury/surgery

Immunity and gut health booster

Aids joint health and mobility