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ProDog Puppy Chicken & Green Tripe 500g

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Our tripe raw puppy food with chicken offers a delectable gourmet recipe specially formulated with a fine mince consistency, perfect for small mouths and baby teeth. This blend features quality, fresh chicken meat, ground chicken bone, and beef tripe sourced from DEFRA approved, British Farm Assurance certified local farms. Enriched with seasonal vegetables, superfoods, and the finest Scottish salmon oil, this meal provides the best possible natural nourishment for your adorable pup.

Suitable for all dogs up to 24 weeks, our Puppy Formula meals adhere to strict FEDIAF standards and guidelines. This ensures balanced nutrient levels to support healthy growth and development for puppies, delivering a truly satisfying feeding experience.

Feeding your pup has never been easier - just defrost, pop the lid, and serve! Relax knowing your furry friend is receiving the utmost natural nourishment every single day.

Choose from our convenient 500g size tubs for simplicity. Follow our storage guide to maintain freshness and quality: keep the raw dog food frozen until use, defrost it overnight in the fridge, and if refrigerated, it will last up to 4 days. Please avoid refreezing, and for smaller portions, allow the food to soften enough to segment and decant from the frozen tray while keeping the rest frozen.


Premium, human-quality fresh meat serves as a single source of quality protein, delivering all essential amino acids necessary for optimal growth, development, and vitality.


Packed full of digestive enzymes and beneficial probiotics, tripe assists in maintaining gut health.

Ground Bone:

Highly beneficial to the digestive system, ground bone provides a source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, diverse minerals, and healthy fats.

Sea Kelp:

A potent nutraceutical seaweed rich in protein, iron, iodine, magnesium, and omega 3 fatty acids. The iodine content helps regulate the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal activity, supporting gut, skin, and coat condition and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response.


Loaded with carotenoids, fiber, vitamins C and K, potassium, magnesium, and most of the B vitamins, carrots support eye health, immune function, and digestion.

Butternut Squash:

Packed with dietary fiber, folate, iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K, and phytonutrients.

Spring Greens:

Packed with dietary fiber, folate, iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K, and phytonutrients.


Known for its rich vitamin K content, which aids calcium absorption and strengthens teeth and bones, broccoli is also packed with vitamin C and potassium.


Filled with vitamins K, C, B6, B1, dietary fiber, manganese, copper, and potassium. Cabbage's polyphenols make it the cruciferous veggie with the most antioxidants.


A supercharged leafy vegetable that contains an abundant amount of vitamins, including A, C, and E. It serves as a source of protein, vitamins C, E, and the full B complex, along with minerals like zinc and copper.


Low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals, raspberries provide vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and copper.


The most nutrient-dense berries, low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals, especially fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. They are also abundant in antioxidants.

Scottish Salmon Oil:

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, Scottish salmon oil comes highly recommended for dogs with skin sensitivities, promoting healthy organs and soft, shiny coats. It can also help with inflammatory conditions such as bowel disease and arthritis.


Prepared from the freshly sprouted leaves of the wheat plant, Triticum aestivum, wheatgrass is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. It is especially high in vitamins A, iron, magnesium, calcium, and amino acids. Wheatgrass also contains several important antioxidants, including glutathione and vitamins C and E.

Nutritional Analysis:

ProDog Puppy Chicken with Green Tripe raw food recipe offers perfect balance, providing the optimal ratio of plant-powered goodness and fresh meat content in every meal.


70% British chicken meat (includes approx. 10% ground chicken bone)

10% British beef tripe

6% British chicken liver

9% Seasonal British vegetables and berries (leafy greens, carrots, blueberries)

5% Superfoods (ground pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass, kelp, Scottish salmon oil)

Nutritional Analysis (% or / kg):

Moisture: 65.9%

Protein: 12.4%

Total Fat: 12.7%

Ash: 1.4%

Crude Fibre: 2.9%

Good to Know:

Moisture: Represents the natural presence found in the ingredients.

Protein: Biological molecules consisting of one or more amino acid chains.

Fat: Encompasses all fats, including saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

Ash (inorganic matter): The inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed. Note that we do not add fire-ash to our products.

Fibre: The term given to the soluble and insoluble plant-based part of the food.