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Chicken Raw Puppy Food Meal

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Give your growing puppy the best start in life with our ProDog Chicken Raw Puppy Food. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this finely minced meal is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of your young canine companion.

Key Features:

Nutrient-Rich Chicken: Chicken is a staple part of any puppy's diet. It provides amino acids and glucosamine to promote healthy bones and lean muscle development.

Vitamins and Minerals: Our puppy food is high in vitamin B and selenium, ensuring that your puppy gets the essential nutrients needed for growth and vitality.

Chicken Offal: This nutrient-dense accompaniment adds even more nutritional value to your puppy's meal.

Finer Minces: Designed for little teeth and smaller mouths, our finer mince consistency makes it easy for puppies to enjoy their meal.

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