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Elevate your dog's diet with our premium meat treats, designed for all breeds!

Key Features:

Perfect for both raw and kibble-fed dogs

Made from pure, premium cuts of meat, no offal included

A single source of protein for superior quality

Responsibly sourced and proudly crafted in Europe

No additives, no preservatives, completely grain and gluten-free

Air-dried to lock in natural goodness

Suitable for puppies from just 4 weeks old

Explore our range of 12 delectable varieties

Hypoallergenic for sensitive pups

Environmentally friendly packaging that's entirely recyclable

Analytical Constituents:

Protein: 66%

Natural Fats & Oils: 7%

Moisture: 8%

Ash: 9.5%

Kangaroo Sticks

  • 100% kangaroo meat

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