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  • Our complete tripe dog food meal is a nutritious and balanced option for your furry friend. This meal features green beef tripe, which is a lean source of protein and a natural probiotic that supports digestive health. Additionally, chicken is included as a staple part of this raw diet for working dogs.

    Complete Tripe Dog Food Meal with Chicken

    • Complete Tripe Raw Dog Food Meal with Chicken

      Our complete tripe raw dog food meal with chicken is a nutritious and balanced recipe designed to support your dog's overall health. This meal combines quality, fresh meat and ground chicken bone from DEFRA-approved, British Farm Assurance-certified local farms. It's also enriched with seasonal vegetables, superfoods, and the finest Scottish salmon oil.

      Key Features:

      • Nutrient-Rich: This meal contains green beef tripe, which is loaded with digestive enzymes and beneficial probiotics to support gut health.
      • Quality Ingredients: It includes premium, human-quality fresh meat and ground chicken bone as sources of quality protein and essential nutrients.
      • Balanced Nutrition: All ProDog Complete Formula meals adhere to strict FEDIAF standards and guidelines to provide balanced nutrient levels for optimal growth, health, and vitality.
      • Simple Feeding: Just defrost, pop the lid, and serve. It's an easy way to provide your dog with the best natural nourishment.

      Storage Guide:

      • Keep the raw dog food frozen until use.
      • Defrost it overnight in the fridge.
      • Once defrosted, it will last for up to 4 days if kept refrigerated.
      • Do not refreeze.
      • If you need lesser amounts, allow it to soften enough to segment and decant from the frozen tray, keeping the remainder frozen.


      • Green beef tripe: A lean source of protein loaded with essential nutrients and natural probiotics to support digestive health.
      • Ground chicken bone: Provides calcium and phosphorus, benefiting the digestive system.
      • Seasonal vegetables: Including carrots, butternut squash, broccoli, spring greens, cabbage, and kale, rich in various vitamins and minerals.
      • Scottish salmon oil: Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) to support skin, coat, and overall health.
      • Superfoods: Ground pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass, and sea kelp provide additional nutrients and antioxidants.
      • Berries: Raspberries and blueberries add vitamins and minerals to the meal.

      Give your dog the benefits of a well-balanced diet with our Complete Tripe Raw Dog Food Meal with Chicken!

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