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Cold Dried Tripe Treats

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Experience the excellence of Leo & Wolf’s cold-dried tripe treats from Nutriment, packed with essential nutrition and delectable flavor. Featuring 92% clean washed tripe, these treats offer an appealing eating texture while providing quality protein and other nutrients, making them an ideal choice for occasional pet treats, training, and fostering strong bonds. Free from fillers, additives, and preservatives, our cold-dried tripe treats ensure they are biologically appropriate and easily digestible, promoting optimal health and well-being for your beloved cats and dogs.

Tripe, specifically sourced from the stomach of grazing animals, such as beef (cow) for our cold-dried tripe treats, is a complex and nutritious part of a cow's digestive system. The four chambers of a cow's stomach systematically break down grass using digestive enzymes, gastric juices, and amino acids. These nutrients are highly beneficial for dogs and cats, contributing to their own digestion and supporting various body functions.

Tripe is recognized as a complete protein source for dogs and cats, containing all 10 essential amino acids that dogs need to consume as part of their diet, promoting overall health and vitality.

Leo & Wolf, a brand from Nutriment, focuses on providing exciting eating experiences for cats and dogs. Their oven-baked and cold-dried treats range, including the cold-dried tripe treats, features six varieties with premium quality meat and fish ingredients, ensuring a biologically appropriate and delicious treat for your furry companions.

Discover Leo & Wolf Cold Dried Tripe Treats available in practical 100g resealable bags, ensuring freshness and convenience for you and your pets. Always remember to supervise your pet while enjoying any treat or bone.

These treats contain Finnish clean washed tripe and vegetable fiber, expertly cured using a cold drying method, delivering a remarkable 92% meat content. Analytically, they offer a protein content of 36%, a fat content of 31.3%, a fibre content of 8.4%, and an ash content of 3.6%.

Treat your pets to the goodness of Leo & Wolf cold-dried tripe treats for their ultimate health and happiness!